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Gay men embraced feminine self-presentation as a crucial part of their identity. I'm bookmarking this site. Close to death from malnutrition, Private Cave was liberated after the Japanese surrender and repatriated to Britain in October Recommended story What's this? But as an added insult to those lesbians and gay men who risked their lives defending freedom against German and Japanese fascism, this decriminalisation excluded members of the military. He had the wisdom to know that it was all harmless fun and a useful relief from the stress of war". It is tough to see that we are still so far away from being percent accepting as a society, Thankfully there are still kentucky drug rehab centers and other resources available to so many people.

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But above all, write very soon.

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A Gay Soldier's Story

The female form and ethnicity were easy enough for commanders to identify and preclude. Even soldiers caught having gay sex rarely suffered severe punishment. Now, historians are telling a different, more realistic story thanks to the release of an army file on the discharge of male homosexuals in WWII. This is a signal to see we can fight and we can win. This, he says, was a radical change to the past. There was none of the later homophobic uproar about gays undermining military discipline and effectiveness.

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Yorick SmaalGriffith University. This feminine presentation is alien to contemporary queer cultures that valorise muscles and machismo. They formed new, larger groups, including one called the League for Human Rights that drewmembers. This is possibly the case with some of the ''jungle juice'' soldiers in Borneo. In the winter ofa German soldier died in a field hospital in Russia.

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