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Politics read more. We also know that children who are younger than the 'target' audience for 'Arthur' also watch the program. More U. Instead, "Arthur" fans in the state saw a rerun episode. Musk's account is still listed as active, however, and he changed his display name to "Daddy DotCom" on Father's Day. In the premiere episode, Arthur and his friends worry their teacher is going to marry an uptight woman, but when they get to the wedding ceremony, they learn Mr. However kids in Alabama did not see the May 13 episode, in which Arthur's teacher, Mr.

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Alabama Public Television refuses to air Arthur episode with gay wedding.

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It is not the first time APT has pulled an episode of the children's show from air. Geological Survey says a strong earthquake has hit Sichuan province in southwestern China. Trending Now.

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Companies ranging from Best Buy and Kenneth Cole to Hallmark and fireworks makers say levies will punish consumers.

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