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In FebruaryI moved to San Francisco to cover We encourage people to edit here, so long as they can contribute in a neutral fashion. The flow of the article seemed a little disjointed to me, so I attempted to fix it. Exhibit A: Rather than get into an edit war over this sentence, a citation needed reference was put on this some time ago. After years of silence on the subject, the CNN host has spoken out about his sexual orientation, becoming the first major network prime time anchor to identify as gay. The FireShep hashtag on Twitter is a usual place for viewers to air their grievances about the Fox News anchor.

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How exactly is this controversial for Smith?

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Trotter, said on Thursday that the item was interesting in and of itself, but that it was also the kind of post that would lead to more incoming calls and specifics that could lead to more and better coverage. St Petersburg Times http: This article seems quite negative of him compared to other news folks.

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