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Everything aside, they are still sisters. Actress Mandy Musgrave had originally auditioned for the role of Spencer Carlin. Do people make sport of being snarky about them? Every once and a while, I get letters or e-mails from people who say, "You are turning America's teens gay. Why should a gay actor even care about being allowed to pretend to be straight? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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She has a name, y'know.

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Interview with Mandy Musgrave of “South of Nowhere”

And thank you for the food, and God, thank you, God. They then share a kiss and walk back out to the party. It was really cool. It will be a rare occasion. Shut-up, It's not like I've had that much experience.

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Ashley then turned to girls and slept around with various nameless girls quite often. From what I hear, she's a pretty good first date. A popular love story, fan videos and fan fiction are rampant for the pairing, also known by the portmanteau "Spashley" for Sp encer and Ashley. So, how was your night out? Was there extreme love that preceded the extreme hate? You still have that whole drama going on between Ashley and Madison all the time, but you get to see a little more about where they came from and how their characters are evolving.

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