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Casteel claimed he went to a behavioural-health clinic in the late Nineties seeking help, but that the doctor became intimidated by him and ended up calling the police. What's his real story? And what would you do? That took place earlier the same year at the University Of Texas at Austin when, after killing his mother and his wife at their homes, Charles Whitman climbed a tower on the university campus and shot and killed 14 people, wounding 31 others, before being shot dead by police. It seemed like a bizarre fairy tale, borne of s neuroses about sexuality and race. Jay would be there spending tons of money, but this was the Puff Daddy era.

A man opened fire outside a courthouse in Dallas before being shot and killed.

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The police put it on us to get the block cleared, so we would have to spend almost as much time keeping the outside of the club secure as we did trying to keep the inside of the club secure. He grabbed me and just hugged me. It was all people dancing and congregating around the bar.

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Midland on 'Mr.