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Many Hillsong-ers will attend, singing worship songs to support the newly baptized. Pauly D finally had a hair makeover and he looks absolutely class. People who question and leave the church are considered renegades. We were both sophomores at Manhattan College, where I slowly started to push away the Christian faith I grew up with. Once I officially left, my Hillsong peers stopped talking to me and some even unfollowed me on social media. If you've got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.

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Love never dies.

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Lea Ceasrine Sep—13— Is it any surprise then that when young and influential celebrities are attending a church which has — vocally and regularly — confirmed it does not accept gay marriage, a social issue which many would argue is intrinsically linked to millennials and Generation Z, people sit up and take notice? A wise man named Paul once said In a way, I think that I rejected Hillsong as much as it rejected me.

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I always leave feeling a little bit lighter and like someone has got my back!

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