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Salway conducted all pre-interview phone screenings, suicide risk assessments, and interviews; wrote analytic memos; and led analysis and manuscript writing. We reconsidered our interpretation and presentation of the narratives in light of disagreements. It made people like me paranoid. These two stories are compelling in the direct and forceful ways in which they link antigay stigma to suicide; however, they also inherently limit the range of narratives used to understand gay suicide. American Psychologist6710— A months follow-up randomized controlled study of the attempted suicide short intervention program ASSIP. As this participant realized he was gay, he sought connection in the gay community:.

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For both Bechdel and the participant quoted above, the memorial narrative maintains familial connection through the persistence of a fundamental sexuality. We focused our attention to stories at the intersection of sexuality and suicide, guided by dialogical narrative analysis. Reflecting on this study, we seek audience beyond researchers, in the nurses and outreach workers and activists who encounter and speak to issues of gay suicide every day. Journal of Health Psychology2 19— The following individuals provided invaluable feedback on earlier drafts of this article:

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Researchers can mitigate this danger by entering a discussion with multiple stories rather than getting caught up in a singular story. We have demonstrated how we think researchers can do this. Support Center Support Center. Becoming oneself in a heterosexist and cissexist world. We conducted one interview per month between August and Marchallowing ample time between interviews for reflection and analysis. How can each of the implicated parties named earlier do more to enable and expand storytelling and story-sharing when it comes to gay suicide?

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