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I got to go play in Sweden this year, Finland in a little festival there, as well as Austria where we gathered about 9 different harpists and played in a little castle on a hill. To facilitate this, we have developed a Safer Spaces policy to address any instances of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Where extended discussion of any disputed matter is called for, faculty are committed to approach the topic from a biblical perspective, taking all relevant viewpoints into account. For this project, the idea of the record came first. We are deeply devoted to dialogue, educational growth, and understanding between community members in the Spirit of Christ. The student conduct code applies to all students regardless of sexual orientation.

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We use tension in music just like pressure with your hands.

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Human sexuality and sexual orientation are addressed in various courses in several academic departments. A post shared by Calvin Arsenia calvinarsenia on Nov 29, at 2: I feel like, if you want to be true to yourself, you have to dig deep into what is naturally yourself. We also affirm that physical sexual intimacy has its proper place in the context of heterosexual marriage. Being at the crossroads of ideas is vital if we are to offer our students an education that is Christian, Reformed, and constructively engaged with the complexities of the world we live in.

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Students are always encouraged to ask questions and participate fully in class. We then took it to the studio. NewNowNext had the opportunity to chat with Calvin about his origins, inspirations, and musical experiences. I thought, what could I do to bring sexuality to this instrument, something that would be more visceral. I played acoustic guitar in high school and then got into classical. Simon my percussionist and I wanted to dispel the idea that the harp is only appropriate in sacred and religious settings—just a docile instrument. The college will review and investigate all reports, and provide for fair and impartial evaluation and resolution.

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