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After feasting on his ass, he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I explained to him that I wanted to try and take his load. Then he slowly withdrew his dick from me. Back when I was in the Navy I was mainly interested in sucking cock or being fucked but one night a man asked me to just stroke his cock with my hand. Story Tags Portal craigslist. I moaned as my ass struggled to not let his cock in, no sex for a year had made my asshole tight.

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A bunch of stupid shit happened after that, suffice it to say I was locked up for a few years.

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I nearly had my first with a year-old in a car, but I got too scared, and told him of my virginity, and walked home. See You in RL Surfing the web can have some great unintended consequences. I got a good rhythm going, sucking it in, down my throat, and squeezing it out with my tongue and lips. I have yet to see that guy again. I took my finger and rubbed it in on his cock head, causing him to moan even more. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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I dropped on all fours I turned around and asked him "do you have the condom? Allow us to process your personal data? I was screaming and groaning and so was he. I then slowly unzipped him and finally with one thrust, everything came off. All Time All Time. That was about 5 minutes. I never felt anything like it.

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