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Save hate for those who…like the Taliban, hang to their necks until dead seven year old children in order to scare a village and take control. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus Nor one Republican member of Congress, or lobbyist, or money-man. Home Article Laura Schlessinger's 'gay friends'. I was one of the earliest radio hosts to support organizations such as PFLAG you know, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and other efforts to encourage openness and acceptance of gays in their own families, much less society.

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Homosexuality, Gay Marriage,

Just like we haven't adapted to cars or cellphones and will never adapt to computers and the Internet. These are the people who know the truth about me because, you know what, they actually listen to my daily radio program. I echo the feelings of the gay man who emailed you today. For some related, religious lunacy, consider: WorldNetDaily drops Ann Coulter for speaking at gay event. Laura Schlessinger's ''gay friends''--''Frasier'' writer Joe Keean imagines how the doctor entertains her personal friends and ideological enemies. How kind of you and thank you very much, and I accept your apology.

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How kind of you and thank you very much, and I accept your apology. Home Article Laura Schlessinger's 'gay friends'. So there is a lesson in all of this: South Park "On Hippies". Deryk, offer our guests some cheese straws…no, no — use the mechanical arm. JD Uy has been a Metro Weekly webmaster, distribution manager, blogger and videographer since Your devoted fan, Jim.