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You can be arrested for doing so, however innocent you might be. Many shops provide shipping of goods for a relatively small fee. Wash your hands before eating. Since the beginning ofthe police have made an average of one arrest a week. On public beaches and in the desert hot springs wear a t-shirt and shorts over your swimsuit at the least. An international spotlight was thrown on Egypt's high levels of violence against women after the Revolution when a huge number of sexual assaults and rapes occurred at protests and rallies, including a couple of high-profile attacks on foreign female journalists. Owing to their failure to penetrate the sudd wetlands of South Sudanthe upper reaches of the Nile remained largely unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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The Nile was much longer at that time, with its furthest headwaters in northern Zambia.

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Wheat was a crucial crop in the famine-plagued Middle East. Shop-owners get cranky as the day wears on, and tend to shut by 2. Shops 9am— to 1pm and 5pm and 10pm June to September, 10am and 6pm October to May; in Cairo shops generally open 10am and 11pm.

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Since August, Egyptian law enforcement has intensified entrapment campaigns against LGBT folks, using fake profiles on dating sites and social media and arresting those who show up for dates.

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