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I could do that afterwards. In the future setting, he doesn't take one Gerudo girl with him and decides to live in his castle all lonesome while he has a vast group of attractive willing girls waiting for him back home. His enemy was already standing in the middle of the battle field, looking at him with a unsettling smirk. The supposed Hero riding -and enjoying - the hell out of his cock. More importantly, he plays the pipe organ, which is stereotypically played by gay men. His hips slowly rolled up into his hand and he moaned even louder. Too thick to even think about swallowing.

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He enjoyed himself immensely but he wouldn't -couldn't admit it out loud.

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Link goes into battle unprepared. I made a topic that got deleted with sources and everything about the phenomenon of gay organists. Games Legend of Zelda. Link rushed into battle having no idea what he was getting himself into. The buzzing stopped as the evil man stepped closer to the now panting boy. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

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He has never once showed any attraction to other men. Also now the Triforce in gay topics is complete. Link was drooling all over himself because of this foul man. But his enemy clearly didn't want him to get bored. Then he switched positions, laying on his back and making Link ride him hard.

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