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The Grand Old Party is getting grander, and it's an opportunity for coalition-building that Chrys Kefalas won't be passing up. Reagan's condemnation of the bill—epitomized in a letter sent to a pro-Briggs group, excerpts of which were re-printed in the San Francisco Chronicle in —played an influential role in the eventual defeat of the Briggs Initiative. Forget them. A significant percentage of the individuals in the survey lived in 35 major metro areas. Seventy percent of Mormons, 60 percent of Muslims and 54 percent of white evangelical Protestants were also in favor. The episode has put Goodman in an uncomfortable position when it comes to his partner, who is getting his Ph. Despite a small turnout, the event drew individuals, gay and straight, from all ends of the political spectrum to discuss political ideology and policy and sexual orientation.

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If Rowlands is a bombastic, charismatic, galvanizing leader, Gofman is a consummate professional, the young adult in the room who never raises his voice, and thinks everyone could work together if they all just calmed down, followed the rules, and conducted things the way politicians used to, in the polite old days.

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Though there have been other methods used to identify the cities in America with high percentages of L. In the Venn diagram of identity politics, never has there been an intersection so narrow as the one between gays and Republicans. In the midst of this victory, gay conservatives in California created the Log Cabin Republicans. The conflict between the students here at CCR is a microcosm of a much larger one happening in the Republican Party itself.

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The margin of error for these questions is plus or minus 0.

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