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At this point i was so shocked and confused, I went from having two word conversations with this guy, to him accusing me of having a fart fetish. After that he turned around quickly and pulled the back of my head Into his Jean clad ass. Cuckold Slave 33 min Bestboysxxx - And the entire thing roars out his asshole and straight up my nostrils. Brian was set out to change that though. At first I was trying to push his ass away from my face, but as his fart comes to an end, I find myself holding onto his ass as I deeply inhale his butt fumes. When I was fourteen my mother remarried.

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Connor takes a step forward and starts wafting the stench into my face while letting out a sigh.

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He sat back down and pulled me over his knee. The sound of Connor grunting and straining echoes all around me. I immediately called up my best friend, and good old Connor told me to come up to his office. Brian stood up, from kneeling at my side and climbed onto the bed. My mind feels even foggier than before.

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Connor launches a 6 second fart up my nose. He would just talk with his teachers in private and he would instantly ace the class. He especially liked to do it when your face happened to be in direct view, Bbbbrtt-ppprtt, although the farts are always so bad and massive that you could hear him fart in any part of the house. Connor rips a 25 second fart that makes the whole couch shake. I chuckle at the thought, with tears still trickling down my face. Once again the smell was horrendous, this time like rotten eggs. He kept trying to push you off him but I was too late.

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