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Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady's head. Some more from Oberdan Otto: I have danced bars with pas de basque, rather than a walk forward in Scotland, but I now can't remember if this was how I was taught at school, or whether this was a style we did at university St. Uni Ceilidh Alex Brick June 19,3: Gentleman marks time, drawing the lady across in front of him. Then, from Jim Healy: And from Jeanetta McColl:

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Leaving the Internet discussion for a moment:

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When I came to the US many moons ago, I said the same thing. It looked uncanny, at least the bits I could see from behind the piano in a darkish roombut then of course it was New Year's Day at about half past one in the morning B's Farewell to Meerut. I picked it up about 20 years ago while visiting in the area of Sydney, Australia. Old Time Dancing London: She takes his free left hand in her right and releasing the other hand, passes under his left arm to progress to the man behind. I've seen the skip-change done by some of the very energetic folks from a University group in another German town - they put their nearer arms around their partner's waists, do two skip-change of step, pivot towards each other, and do two skip-change of step backwards etc.

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We'll come back to it later. Dance Music CD 10 X16 3: Bars Description Right hands joined over lady's shoulder man's arm behind her back and left hands joined in front, walk forward for four steps, starting on the right foot. Evening for Tess Ann Murray Aug. When I came to the US many moons ago, I said the same thing. Walk forward, pivoting toward your partner on step 4 to face reverse line changing hands! Hogmanay Jan Jones Aug.

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