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Discussion Using data from a national U. There has never been a documented case of HIV being passed on by rimming. News Programming Connection case study: Prevention in Focus We did not record any duplicate IP addresses, nor did we receive duplicate contact information among those who were found preliminary eligible for one of our ongoing research studies. Centers for Disease Control.

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Prevention in Focus

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Sex, Dating, & HIV for Gay Men

Newfoundland and Labrador Legal Aid Commission: Alberta Human Rights Commission: This, too, may be a factor of where participants were recruited and mutually monogamous men may not be well represented in this study. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Measures Participants responded to questions regarding demographic characteristics such as age, race or ethnicity, sexual identity, relationship status, whether they had health insurance, and whether they had a primary care provider. Gay men, substance use and harm reduction:

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Or your sex partner may react badly, which could lead to conflict or violence. Support Center Support Center. But whether you cruise the sites or not, they have done much more than get guys laid and create drama. Get the guy to sign a paper before sex that says that he knows you are HIV-positive and that he knows what it means. You can reduce the risk of passing on HIV by properly using latex condoms and water-based lube.

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