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A church, religious denomination, or clergy member is free to decide which marriages to solemnize, and your marriage need not be solemnized by a clergy member in order to be valid. This frequently arose in the area of taxation, where it precluded same-sex married couples from filing joint federal tax returns and availing themselves of more than 1, federal benefits that turn on marital or spousal status. Laws up to now, are not inclusive of gay marriage in Illinois. Rate 0. Can you guide us to the right people to help us create a memorable event? Section of the Act amends the Civil Union Act to enable conversion of a civil union to a marriage, but only by affirmative act.

gay marriage laws illinois
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Supreme Court's decision in U.

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If your marriage cannot be dissolved by the courts in the state of your residence, your marriage can be dissolved by an Illinois state court. The Act mandates absolute protection for freedom of religious practice and certain protections and immunity from suit on grounds consistent with religious belief. The law became effective on January 1, Illinois state Rep.

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