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This Thai film made waves with its unabashedly butch co-protagonist upon its release in Tartan Films. Buy, watch or rent 'Parting Glances'. Gramercy Pictures. Along for the journey is a young nun played by Penelope Cruz who is newly pregnant with Lola's baby. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Not Rated min Drama, Mystery, Romance.

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Hedwig tours the States with her band as they pursue her ex-lover who stole her songs.

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Though he is startled by the revelation of what "L" and "G" stand for in their name, he expresses his gratitude in a short, eloquent speech at a gay bar and the cause takes off. Encouraged by the success, he founds " Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners ". The result is a heady and distinctive mix of working-class truthfulness and magic realism, created with the help of early digital video technology. Their ability to quicken the pulse while retaining a kind of kitsch innocence made them an influence on French artists Pierre et Gilles, among others.

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Paddy Considine as David Dai Donovan, a leader of the men's union and member of the strike committee.

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