Gay men live shorter life spans

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Second, only young and middle-aged men were assessed for sexual behavior in the NHANES III, but some sexual orientation—related differences in risk behaviors are more likely to evidence their effects on mortality with increasing age. No deaths among MSM were attributable to intentional self-harm. Denmark, which introduced same-sex civil unions as far back asis widely acknowledged as one of the most gay friendly countries on earth. Thus, estimates from men living in administratively documented partnerships likely represent only a small segment of the gay and bisexual male population. The relationship between suicide risk and sexual orientation:

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By restricting their analysis to obituaries in gay newspapers, however, the Cameron group systematically excluded them from the sample.

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Does homosexual activity shorten life?

Gay men appear to be at higher risk for anal cancer while lesbians appear to be at higher risk of breast cancer, she said. Articles People Elections Subjects. During the year follow-up period, the hazard of dying from any cause was 3. Next, we divided HIV-related deaths into 3 groups: Gay bashing by the numbers. J Consult Clin Psychol. The longevity of homosexuals:

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Marshall, in his email, listed sent abstracts of other studies saying homosexuals have high rates of suicide attempts and certain types of cancer. Using a second model, we found that mortality from HIV-related causes during the follow-up period was particularly elevated among MSM compared with heterosexual men. Global epidemiology of HIV. The results of our study indicate that similar benefits could accrue to our ability to provide better health interventions for MSM if sexual orientation data were routinely collected, allowing it to be linked to mortality data. Since then, there have have been great strides in treating the disease and preventing its spread, Montaner said.

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