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Even Silo and Roy, for six years the poster-penguins for same-sex love in the Central Park Zoo—they famously raised a daughter together—were not destined to last forever. He bases this provocative gambit on a sexual-arousal study he and his students conducted. Nor am I typically perceived as androgynous, not in my uniform of Diesels and boots, not even when I was younger and favored dangling earrings and bright Jack Purcells. But if true, these findings negate the inversion model, Bogaert says. And there are gender-based cognitive differences in which gay men appear more like women.

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As he recruited experiment subjects, Lippa scanned the passing scalps, some shaved clean, some piled in colorful tresses. In a universe in which we look for purpose in order to appoint value, what is the purpose of my gayness? He says the study provides further ammunition to those, like him, who claim sexual orientation is predestined at birth. But for most in the animal kingdom, same-sex pairing is either fleeting or situational.

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Why has it taken fourteen years to carry out such an investigation?

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