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But, by loudly shouting their support for LGBT folks, who are as abnormal as you can get, they get to not only ignore their own bad behavior, but feel like they are actually civil rights heroes. It makes it acceptable to have children who dont know who their fathers even are. Among the crowd are Emily and Cameron, who appear to have begun a relationship. Height of the Ottoman empire? Not even if it has terrible consequences and undermines society. The Law recently passed in Russia banning the progaganda among minors of non-traditional sexual relations has evoked hysterical responses from liberal media.

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Russia would rather you not dance around with panties on your heads and you compare that to Hitler's persecution of the jews?

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“We’re Tired of Gay Propaganda”

Not a word from Obama and the Left. Choosing to be a gay perverted homosexual at any age is a very very bad behavior choice!!!! Retrieved 1 December Take your filth and go away we don't want your kind of gay! Homosexuals are showing their true faces by howling against a law whose only intent is to prevent preying on minors.

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Give me a break! The Russians have seen how this was accomplished and choose to stop it, good for them! Although shocked, Howard reacts somewhat positively to the kiss. And we will deserve every single curse. Then, the human race will die.

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