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In summer, it's large enough that you can escape the crowds and have your own space. Far better to drive back up the coast to Racou or Argeles. Simply click on any beach shown on the map, and you'll be taken down to that beach's review below. Espiguette beach is unique - in that it is so long and wild, backed by endless sand dunes. It's certainly bustling, with plenty of tacky postcard shops and ice cream stalls.

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The result is a long strip of 2-sided beach.

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Languedoc Beaches - the good, the bad and the ugly

Good Further down the coast and away from the built-up mass beaches of Palavas and Carnon we find Maguelone. Walk far enough, and the beach really gets quite remote and quiet, and would continue on into St Cyprien North read below were it not for a large break-water. It's quieter than the big Montpellier beaches. Good A small beach, even quieter and more remote. It's quite pebbly and a little claustrophobic, but is away from any of the coast's ugly buildings and feels quite wild and remote. There are many activities offered here, including:

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So you feel you're away from it all, even though civilisation is only a few meters away. Cap D'Agde's 9 beaches: Official authorisation dates from June 10, OK The fame of Argeles has ensured that it has become one of France's most popular beaches - with millions of holiday makers descending on the place in summer. Good As you walk south from Richelieu beach, the apartment blocks peter out and are replaced by some rather expensive-looking beach houses.

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