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Your session is about to expire. Suffers OCD in some areas of life quite full in. It created so much anger inside of me that he could be so selfish in thinking that, that he couldn't see how much I was hurting and the burden I felt. I felt compelled to share with you that after your advice, I was able I avoid throwing fuel onto the fire when dealing with my husband. You may not be feeling ashamed but I'm telling ya' now he will be.

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The struggle is real - and what everyone thinks as 'him just being fun' is not the same for the partner involved.

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I hope the treatment team is good. They are competitive environments and people look for weakness, some feast on it. No correspondence takes place. I really appreciate your time and honesty. I am subjecting my kids and their friends to a not very attractive side of him or me as we cope with his anxieties and issues - all the while having him so nasty towards me and them that it just isn't the way families should treat each other. My situation was a little different, I have a very shameful story attached to it, so I had to cope with the shock from family or friends that didn't know because apparently I appear quite normal. It seems to me that a possible route of action is for the two of you to schedule an appointment with his psychiatrist or have his psychiatrist refer the two of you to a marriage therapist.

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But that's the cruelty of interpersonal trauma. Irritability, anger, frustration a short fuse just comes with the territory of mental illness. Because I am so acutely aware of what it feels like to be on the 'other side', it is causing tension and immense worry amongst the Corn-Dog ranks, because I am struggling while simultaneously trying to protect them. Is it wrong to feel jipped in life? Until you have been on the other side of the psychotic class of illnesses you simply cannot understand the utter frustration, desperation and shear helplessness unless you have experienced that for yourself over a long period of time.

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