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In a very real way, straight people are always involved in a power struggle between men and women. In them we see ourselves—our particular personality traits. Because the social condemnation of our sexuality is almost always couched in religious terms, our gay perspective necessarily forces us to seek to understand what religion really is. One false step and they may look less manly to their peers. Pew Research Center Feb 6,

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Plessas is clearly a Jungian, as is Joseph Campbell.

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Gay and lesbian identity development: a social identity perspective.

It also means they are immersed in a process of polarization that gives rise to wrong-making and opposition. Being gay means living outside the mainstream culture. Fact Tank - Our Lives in Numbers. It will offer a vision of human spirituality that makes sense of the various religions as clues to a greater truth: For example, you can affirm that democracy, free enterprise, and private ownership of property are wonderful ideas and that Communism and collective ownership are also wonderful ideas.

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Though the polarized worldview that heterosexuality produces remains the biggest source of the suffering and acrimony in the world, straight people are not the problem. Straight men express gender by avoiding the expressions of the opposite gender. This status bequeaths—and sometimes forces on us—an ability to view life from a critical perspective. An Excerpt -- see http: Anyway, the individuals who form any couple will be different from one another. The trick for us, of course, is to recognize and embrace the gift.

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