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The Greek or classical culture is a mainstay myth in gay consciousness. The nature archetype, like the classical myth, carries positive connotations. Or sometimes I'll wear a wedding ring whenever I'm feeling really antisocial. Yes, many of the comments on trying to be less gay are very repetitive and don't really help. Gay culture and the American culture at large share many of the same feelings toward the nature archetype.

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Gay fashions with the exception of the leather culture tend to utilize prevailing male fashion standards.

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The Rules:

The leather archetype is the most easily recognized. That's like the first base of rape. First, movies and television have made it familiar. Chill with the downvotes people, it was a misunderstanding between the two communicating parties that was cleared up You already took all our best names

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Yellow handkerchiefs represent sexual activities with the participant's urine, or in gay jargon 'water sports'. I always explain that assed chaps are just leather pants! Think of of it this way: Look, Bubba Sparxxx didn't choose to rhyme, rhyming chose him. Now that you have your girlfriend meetin' outfit worked out, you need a place to pick up chicks. Furthermore, with the exception of the leather prototype, each archetype is based on a myth which has a social acceptability within straight cultural myths as well.

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