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Now, the closest bathhouse is in San Antonio. I particularly remember some make-shift "rooms" upstairs which looked totally improvised and were tiny and falling apart. Run down and unsanitary facilities. I know there are a lot of misconceptions about what the spa is, was, or is rumored to be - but I think each person should find out for themselves. And if I had to give my impression would have to quote a famous old movie and say "What a Dump! I really appreciate the staff in keeping and up with the entire 3 story building. Was here about a week before that.

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Absolutely Fabulous Midtowne Spa of Austin has an outstanding wet area which includes a hot tub, steam and dry sauna.

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Midtowne Spa Shutters After Two Decades

So thank you management for keeping abreast on things and making it a safe peaceful environment for all its patrons to enjoy. They were out doing promotions. Another gay-centric business is gone. Its management is thier in behalf of its membersmaking sure all members can equally enjoy the privileges of all the facilities. DuckRoggers Over a year ago. The spa wasn't very busy on the night I went, which was OK with me as I just wanted to check it out. Ever since then, Midtowne worked closely with the Travis County health department to keep the facility safe.

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I had not been there in a couple of years. I am currently planning a trip and decided to check things out hoping there were other bathhouses but looks like Midtowne is still all there is. They think that because they're the only gay sauna in Austin, they can treat customers however they want. The next time I went, it was packed! I totally recommend it to just about any man in the world, come hang out! I really appreciate the staff in keeping and up with the entire 3 story building. DuckRoggers Over a year ago.

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