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It was so dark that I couldn't make out who did it to me. Little did I know that this would be my first time fucking and sucking cock. He then started fucking me. Then number five stepped up in front of me. My first time with Dashonne. I am guessing maybe 5 inches long.

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After a second I started by licking his shaft right above his balls.

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Taken by the new guy. Who can say that they lost their virginity to a room full of strangers. I didn't have close friends to "experiment" with, shall we say. I looked down at the scene and as I am writing this, I have to take a break and jerk off, with that image completely clear in my mind. They had their cocks and balls on full display as they walked around. I just breathed it in. He shot load after load down on the naked body of the brown-haired guy getting fucked.

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I stood there and let the Asian kid suck my cock. My cock bounced up and down as it left his mouth with full force. I told him that I did it often with several guy friends that I had and I said it was time to leave because it was late. I felt somehow empty. How do you feel about them now?

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