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I realized that my bigotry was irrational after I decided to give it a try. Sign in Get started. When we'd finished, I pulled him on top of me, and we lay on the couch for a while, holding each other. Then she softly whispered "ohhhhhhhhhhh" as she gingerly reached up to brush her finger tips across that massive knot in his pants. When she wrapped her hand around it, her brow just knotted in disbelief and she almost laughed at how thick he was - her fingers couldn't even touch.

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I could still taste the cum from his previous ejaculation, and now I shared it with him as our tongues probed each other's mouth.

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Like I said, life's short and after my experience, it opened my eyes and made me less judgmental and a lot less anti-gay. John pounded her in positions that i physically CANNOT do for over an hour - I have no idea how many times she came - she was even in tears a few times though she never once told him to stop. Then I took both balls in my mouth, sucking and licking as much as I could. With one hand still on my cock, the other behind my lower back, Dale pulled me close, and we kissed.

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