Grateful for being gay

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I have learned so much from him about courage, about living an authentic life and the importance of being yourself no matter what. Jesse got up early to have breakfast with us and when he came into the kitchen, my husband asked him if he wanted a bagel and cream cheese. Giving voice to emerging science and theory for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people of color. The following participant discusses the importance of young people having someone who is older to serve as a buffer against negative societal messages and to provide them with affirmation and support. Examining identity and development in lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.

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Examining interpersonal stressors and social support processes.

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What’s Good about Being Gay?: Perspectives from Youth

Grateful for how it has impacted her, making her a better and more accepting person in general. Social discrimination and health: Justin, 18 year old, multi-racial bisexual male In this aspect, the participant gained strength from resisting stereotypes associated with sexual orientation classification. Like that's really an issue with me. Old codes were amended and new ones were created, and transcripts were re-examined and recoded where necessary to ensure that all transcripts were coded accurately and completely.

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Data matrices were also created as visual representations of the findings, and to assist with the identification of critical factors and emerging themes. Harcourt Brace College Publishing; This approach provides a general structure for discussion regarding sexual orientation identity but requires participants to provide their own terminology and definitions based on their life experiences and perceptions, thus avoiding the limitations of researcher-imposed terminology and concepts. Interestingly, the study also highlighted that some of the participants who were open and proud of their sexual orientation simultaneously experienced feelings of ambivalence regarding their identity. Examining lives in context: Oh, and he's gay.

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