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Body Measurement 8 Adam Ant: It was rather an odd song and so was he. Who the fuck are they protecting? Unfortunately, this relationship also did not last for a long time. R63 You make me cringe because that was the tour my year-old self went to. At one point, with 15 hits in three years, he was so famous that fans known as Antpeople after his slogan "Antmusic for sexpeople, sexmusic for Antpeople" besieged his houses in London and Hertfordshire. His was the first concert I ever went to.

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I think a lot of us kids who grew up with MTV just sort of accepted a certain amount of gender-bending as the norm.

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'Anyone over 30 belongs to me - bisexual, male, female, gay, whatever'

Turnt my little ass OUT. Love, love, love, Adam Ant. I would say it probably depends on your age in the 80s. His twitter account is filled with the high number of fans following him due to the good height of success in his musical biography. The 80s put the gay man front and centre of pop. English singer and musician Height: He was one hot, hot guy, and really sexy videos.

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Even in this celebrity hangout, Ant's outfit stands out is it the blue sunglasses? As he has a wife, he is not a gay. My brother thought it was an all-girl metal band at first. After a lacklustre performance at Live Aid so lacklustre that a single released the same week only reached number 50 in the charthe repaired to Los Angeles and an acting career. The Blueblack Hussar — review 3 out of 5 stars. I like the original version of Kick. Know about his life behind the screen and his Anti-Trump kids!!

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