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One of them, a "cop by day, designer by night" named Mikey Verdugo struck Matt as a design threat from the start. Marc Bartolomeo is his name. That may have been self-serving, of course, but it sounds reasonable, too. Did I mistake what I saw the other night? R, yes Barry Woods is strange

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Every time HGTV airs his commerical, which seems countless, he seems to love hearing his own voice.

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Who's Gay on HGTV?

Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. How can such a sexy, little, wisp of a 'frod thing have such a deep, sexy voice, R40? The Mercier Companion to Irish literature. I would love to get a house in the country with him. And I think his cute assistant from his old organizer show on TLC had a serious man crush on him.

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Kind of an interesting midlife career change: Archived from the original PDF on 19 May BTW, Mikey is 33 now, so the video was made about 14 years ago. Im no blushing beauty but Im no elephant man me either. There's another no-budget makeover show, however, in which the designers are would-be actors, and the results are frequently just as bad as what they started with. What about the cutie carpenter on Spice Up My Kitchen? Batman V Superman brought forward The eagerly anticipated

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