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ColorofantOct 15, Quit watching porn for at least 90 days, and then reevaluate your feelings on your sexuality. Think shemale porn causes you issues? Rankig the Options Dr. TaylaurrOct 15, If you look gay, act gay, and talk gay, and everyone think you are gay, does'nt mean you are gay, ive met a guy who was talking so gay, and behaving gay, and when i figured out he's not and he also get laid tons i was mind blown. Technically straight porn is more gay.

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so if I watch shemale porn, does that make me gay?

TaylaurrOct 16, Aug 3, 18, 4 I just read your back story and I believe your problem is very simple. I think its just a fetish. I think it depends. Thus, I know almost everything a straight guy thinks and desires but I also know what its like to be the woman with that same guy. Can a guy wear lip gloss?

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If it turns you on and no one's getting hurt, have at it. The entrance to the anus has the exact number of nerve endings as the tip of a penis or clitoris. Kaladin Member Jan 10, In fact, his related fantasy could very well be you in those same pornographic images with that penis attached. Ellasman Member Jan 11, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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