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Of course, the irony is obvious today. At this stage in our society, if an athlete comes out to represent their country and deliver the goods, I can't believe that any of these issues, whether their sexual orientation or color of skin or religion - why is that even a factor? But unbelievably, inGalindo remains the only top-level skater to have come out while Olympic-eligible. But the Peoria native said he skated in a different environment during the Cup of Russia events in and The common assumption that male figure skaters are gay - and the latent and often blatant hostility behind it - is the sport's deep and dirty secret. And that's not how life, on or off the ice, works. Figure Skating.

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We felt very strongly that they should be afforded the same rights.

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Menu go. Savoie in Savoie was the first alternate to the Olympic team.

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Suddenly, a manager demanded that they get off the ice, even though there were male-female pairs skating at the same time.

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