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McGilligan's repeated efforts, Cukor's protege and heir, George Towers, refused all requests for interviews. In any case, "Gone With the Wind" is much more a woman's picture than a Civil War picture, and who has ever thought otherwise? Behind-the-scenes for 17 years of her life was Marty Melcher, agent and husband number three. Bairbre Power: Two men slashed in face after dozens involved in mass street brawl 'Now Sonia is back. Hugo Latymer, a married, aged writer, is suddenly faced with evidence of his homosexuality produced by a former female lover.

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LaValley argues that a lack of explicit gay themes aside, homosexuals glean a ''gay sensibility'' in many seemingly straight films and genres.

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Spread the word. His Hollywood Life and Death". He helped me get into the first door and then Robert Conrad who did Hawaiian Eye and Wild Wild Westwe played football every Sunday when Elvis got back and all those people would come out

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Kaufman, author of a new biography about the star, told correspondent Jerry Bowen.

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