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Kasey is definitely a soft-spoken pretty boy. I always watch the pre race show just to see these hotties. It could be a cover, but who knows. WTF happened to you at Texas? I know what you homos are thinking and you can just fucking STOP thinking that,ok?

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Will we get to see the "Million Dollar Leg?

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Gordon & McMurray react to NASCAR rule changes

Here he is checking out the action on the track. Miss Tony Stewart broke her leg last night in a sprint car wreck. The owner was going to be Jason and Julianna, and I really wanted to be involved. Nothing like a uber hyped up Mikey! He totally rocks it! But Tony always seemed to have a sparkle in his eyes when Kasey is around.

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Gay people in this country as seen in the last few days are no longer "controversial", and I can imagine quite a few companies would like to be known as those to be "on the right side of history" That, and why don't you think a driver might wait until making it up to the Cup Series to come out? Journeyman driver Dave Blaney was leading when a problem with Juan Pablo Montoya's car sent him spinning into a safety truck. It didn't help stem the rumors about Jeff Gordon became a fulltime driver for Hendrick Motorsports and got the nickname "Rainbow Warrior". That is the "oddest" looking couple ever. Btw--several people in the "comments" section have hinted that the late, great Alan Kulwicki was gay.

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