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My confusion was also caused by her behaviour towards me. But more importantly, the problem with this kind of speculation and, again, it is speculation is that it takes the focus off your child and onto you at a time when the child needs you to be focussed on them. Be honest, how much do you edit YOUR selfies? But third, and most importantly, such a statement still makes the assumption that being 'straight' is the normal sexuality which they are deviating from - whereas, as I have just pointed out, 'straight' sexuality is equally fallen from God's good original created purposes. We all know the Earth orbits the sun. I know now that I did not need to worry about this, but I did worry!

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How should I respond if my child comes out to me?

The only alternative for me was to turn to the women of my family and especially my mother, whom I adored. I went to school, had my hobbies, hung out with my friends. Dr Diamond is a lesbian fully in favour of gay rights, so you may not agree with all of her views, but her research is extremely thorough and illuminating. Wait, did you know that Loading comments… Trouble loading? You might send your mother a link to the PFLAG website if she is computer literate, or print out literature you can leave for her if she is not.

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The idea came during a session with his psychiatrist and he decided to write an autobiographical film about a boy who learns to accept his heterosexuality, in a family that had decided he was homosexual. So, speculating with your child about the origins of their sexuality will probably not get you anywhere anyway. My own parents are extremely supportive and accepting, but they are still not the main people with whom I want to discuss my sexuality in depth! We grew up in a very lively environment. So, reassure them that you don't see yourself on any moral high ground above them.

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