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I remember going to the Pride parade in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the first East Asian countries to enact marriage equality, and being touched by the show of support, comradery, and advocacy by the LGBTQ community, many of who had flown from Singapore, Hong Kong or Indonesia to wave their rainbow flags. The second happened only a week or so before Flaggate when, in the seemingly progressive Art Zone, a female volunteer was beaten to the ground by an on-duty security officer for handing out rainbow pins. June 27, January 25, Julien. Share The Buried via: He seldom grants interviews, and his photograph has never appeared on a book jacket. Even after we had chatted for a while, some never wanted to de-mask themselves.

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Pride in the hutong.

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The Buried

For profile subjects he gravitates toward craftsmen of a similar stripe. He writes best about intense and often solitary individuals, ranging from the brilliant tennis star Arthur Ashe to the reclusive canoe maker Henri Vaillancourt. Other editions of The Buried. Praise for Peter Hessler and The Buried. Dining for Diversity supports the non-profit Beijing Gender. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Email mail.

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McPhee has always protected his privacy, and over the course of his career he has written little about himself and his family. Fred Burton and Samuel Katz. As a gay American studying in Beijing, coming in contact with the gay community in China was at once shocking, eye-opening, and, at times, deeply saddening. The Jungle Grows Back. While local Chinese did participate, a greater number of the core organizers and volunteers were foreigners.

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