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There was an elderly black couple who had the house next to us. I didn't know what I would be letting myself in for. I mean it's being attracted to members of the same sex. Maybe here I should ask you about some of the feelings that you had about the different neighborhoods in Philadelphia. At that time, with friends I met through concerts at the Academy, they would come in Center City and we'd spend hours roaming through town. He lived in the suburbs.

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Now a lot of people seem to think, I remember, I had gone through this similar type of interview with Tommi Avicolli.

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Well they had gotten up to the fourth floor by the time I was not quite to the third, my father was at the third. You were saying about your girlfriend Edna that that had a sad ending? Oh no, you don't even know about that. And there were a number of interracial couples as well that Billy and I mingled with where there were the lesbians socializing with the gays.

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Both white.

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