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All you need to do is watch the video Conspiracy of Silence and you'll understand that when it comes to cover-up, homosexuality and child sex trade at the highest levels of our government ranks 1 on the list of political conspiracies. But I don't think Scott McClellan is. It reports that it has found the man claiming to be Jeff Gannon had sent McClellan a wedding card when the Bush aide married. Prove that his being gay has any relevance to anything. Pride begins in Birmingham this week, and key events are listed below. I hope no one takes offense at this picture, but it was all over the news a few years back. And he'sth shtill upsthet.

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In addition, it would not be surprising for someone is his position -- gay and a spokesperson for the government -- to project his own shame about not being "out" onto Bush and his administration, as if to say, "You are guilty of deception, not me!

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Is Scott McClellan Gay?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sources have intimated possible relationships with members of the White House staff. If I want stupid news like this, I'll just turn the TV on. At least use something with a little substance. Pride begins in Birmingham this week, and key events are listed below. Otherwise, lock this damn thread please.

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Pretty impressive for catching on to this. McClellan is an Austin native. RawStory, which has outed other anti-gay Republicans, said its source "reserved comment on whether McClellan was actually gay, but said he was frequently seen at gay clubs. Is all this "outting" special for Valentine's Day or something? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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