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And some people talk about slavery that is going on today in places like the Middle East, and in Africa. But what is a wife going to say when she sees her husband's buttocks tattooed with gang signs, clearly marking him as a sissy?? It's hard to believe by looking at her, but just 8 months ago Pinky was a married man named Keven. You see these cute young white guys looking more like women than men, you see them naked in the cells on their knees, or squatting between some black man's legs as he's seated on the toilet, sucking off his - HER - black man, or on the beds, their skinny white legs up on a black man's broad back. The brutality is really scary but the result is intoxicating and arousing as I sink into my sissy faggot mindset. Chapter 5 Corey found it pleasanter to march in daylight instead of stumble in the dark. After that I became obsessed with getting locked up.

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Sissy is looking for a big black Masta to bow down to and serve on his knees! Batuco started taping as the first black bull ejaculated his sperm on Pretty Pinky's hot face. Every other white sissy on the tier is envious of Pretty Pinky. I add different things to this as I learn them about myself as I am ever evolving. It gets pretty sick behind the walls sometimes. The bitch has a sullen look on her face - HIS - face. The Slave Girl Chapter 2 Her fall from the immaculate had been so great that she rejected middle class scruples about her body.

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I would love to have a publicly masculine beer drinking buddy to befriend me and be my part time wife in private. Every other white sissy on the tier is envious of Pretty Pinky. The horrors that I lived through wouldn't have been sustainable had I not been horny most of the time. In prison I had to ride the "covered wagon", which means they hang a blanket down from the top bunk in a cell, and a nude white Queen me goes into the bottom bunk and has sex with Man after Man. Ive never seen an unattractive woman that didn't have the potential to be a sexy looking sexual woman. Leave a comment Comments I have seen a lot of timid whites refuse to stand up for themselves when they get to prison and end up being punked by dozens of different black inmates.

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