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Table 6 presents the mean scores obtained on each item of the AHQ. Spoilers must be tagged! Banerjee A, Sanyal D. T Gay men and lesbian women have an increased incidence of anxiety and depression compared to heterosexual men and women. Attitude, homosexuality, India, knowledge, medical students. Those with the power to summon and use demons from a dedicated smartphone app.

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Adamczyk A, Pitt C.

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Multiple linear regression was used to find the predictors of knowledge and attitude. And keen to fuck. All undergraduate medical students and interns studying and working respectively in the institute to which the authors are affiliated were considered for inclusion in the study. Department of Psychiatry, Smt. Chatterjee S, Ghosh S.

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The homosexuals should have equal opportunity of employment. Many gay men use their sexual orientation so that they can obtain special privileges. Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, India respectively for allowing the conduct of the study during lecture sessions of the respective subjects. It cannot be exactly explained why religion affects knowledge but not attitudes in this work. Correlates and gender differences. Chatterjee S, Ghosh S.