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Keanu Reeves was 'striking poses' during Emeryville Pixar visit. Mission Pie will soon close its doors 2 'Total class': Freak storms leave cars stuck in inches of hail in the Sierra. About everything. What the TV cameras didn't show was McCain answering snarky questions from print reporters about Arnold's massive fundraising, or the clips of McCain talking about the other hot topic at the women's event -- illegal immigration. For her part, McMillan, who was then 42, said she worried when she first met Plummer that he was interested only in her money.

News of the messy divorce, which we first reported in June, made headlines around the country.

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Six years after their wedding, Plummer told McMillan he was gay. Now, I just like the man that he is. She had lost track of him. Her new book follows a familiar path:

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