Tom brokaw on gay rights

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The overwhelming opposition to rescuing the automobile companies. More from David Gregory. And we've had conversations in between the breaks about how many solutions are being done locally, and how the economy is being helped at the local level by community colleges, by state colleges, that are training people to get the kind of jobs that they actually have job offers for out there. The Sixties were a period of unprecedented rapid social and cultural upheaval and change. We will leave it there. And what does that person bring to the ticket in terms of not only geography, but in terms of their qualifications and their knowledge of the issues.

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What is his future and is it in America?

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May 6: Joe Biden, Kelly Ayotte, Diane Swonk, Tom Brokaw, Chuck Todd

But the net jobs are down in terms of jobs created. Everybody had some-- some-- some-- maybe yes, maybe no. But you believe this has to happen only after the election. All of this a distraction as Secretary of State Clinton is in China for trade talks. And we got the best candidate, man. And this is an issue where I think Governor Romneyhe brings real strength. I-- I was with-- speaking to a group of gay leaders in-- in Los Angeles-- la-- two, two weeks ago.

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I've asked you about the-- the fact that Washington doesn't work very well right now, and hasn't for now a number of years that coincides with-- Obama-Biden being in the White House. In a second term, will this administration come out behind same-sex marriage, the institution of marriage? Gays, Lesbians and the News Media. Could we have a stronger recovery today if we had less uncertainty in Washington on both sides of the aisle? And I knew he was going to go. It's not about no government, less government.

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