Transgender top surgery cost

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Kamol both offer private, on-site recovery accommodations for Top Surgery patients. Those accepted as patients must also have realistic expectations of what plastic surgery can accomplish and the resulting scars. If I cut outhow much will I save? The goal of FTM top surgery is to create a masculine chest contour. Had I not asked my friends their surgery quotes from him, I would've probably chosen him as my surgeon not knowing that he was overcharging me. Featured January 8th, 0. Keyhole Ideal for small chested men.

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If revisions must be performed in a hospital or surgery center, only Dr.

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Cost Of Surgery

Afterward, gently pat the chest dry and follow any instructions your Surgeon has provided regarding ointments and dressings. Scheduling the surgery date. Since you'll be tobacco-free for at least 2 weeks, why not quit altogether? A special compression garment may be worn for a period of time to protect the surgical site, aid in swelling, and promote optimal final results. Definitely have this discussion with your Surgeon as there are different opinions about this. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and patients will typically go home the same day as an outpatient procedure.

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There's only a select few of surgeons out there that do top surgery with chest masculinization in mind and with good results. I'm sure there are other ways but I don't know what they are. Scheduling the surgery date. I'll be getting another quote from someone who I know has done a few trans men Dr. I'm 16 years old.

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