Transgenered versus transsexual

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Many transgender men and women have gender expressions that are conventionally masculine or feminine. See also: Retrieved August 13, Instead, therapists can support their clients in whatever steps they choose to take to transition or can support their decision not to transition while also addressing their clients' sense of congruence between gender identity and appearance. Routledge, As they are not commonly known outside the LGBTQ community, they will require context and definition if used in mainstream media. Community Life::

transgenered versus transsexual
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Gender also is influenced by culture, class, and race because behavior, activities, and attributes seen as appropriate in one society or group may be viewed otherwise in another.

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Le Monde. The Lao Kathoey's characteristics appear to be similar to other transgenders in the region People often use binary terms, for instance, masculine or feminine, to describe gender just as they do when referring to sex. California Legislative Information.

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