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All Indo-European and many other languages have genders, some have more genders than others although the genders are somewhat vestigial in English. In addition a significant percentage who undergo surgery are not ultimately happy they have done so. His attitude towards women strikes me as poor generally, but open to exceptions such as with Peta Credlin. The result of this has been consultation with the Attorney Generals department has released some guidelines in in their publication section of the website. In fact most uninformed stereotypes don't reflect reality Yes and yes.

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The mind is much more than just the brain, which is why some things in the field of psychology are only explainable in terms of the collective unconscious. Transgender people are born biologically transgender; a transgender body due to a transgender brain, not exactly 'born in the wrong body'. You state that "The discussion has passed from the "why" should we do this to the "how" are we going to do this. When one side is a group of people trying to live their authentic lives, and the other side is a group asserting that they don't have the right to do this, or to access necessary medical care, then a respectful disagreement is not possible.

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Though she was on her way to a full recovery, getting there wasn't easy.

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