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CBS then rejoined the telecast of ATWT during a commercial break, which was followed by show announcer Dan McCullough's usual fee plug for the first half of the program and the network's 1: President Kennedy shot today just as his motorcade left downtown Dallas. In the late s and again in the s, Cronkite appeared on the news-oriented situation comedy Murphy Brown as himself. After several minutes, the coverage came back to the CBS newsroom where Cronkite reported that the President had been given blood transfusions and two priests had been called into the room. Henson has slowly climbed her way to the top of the heap, now headlining movies and taking home awards.

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GLAAD hadn't even been founded.

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Walter Cronkite

That's why I thought he was an important historical figure to look at. Liebling, Homer Bigart, and Hal Boyle. Cronkite was a vocal advocate for free airtime for political candidates. I'm talking to Tom Johnson, the press secretary for Lyndon Johnson, who has reported that the thirty-sixth President of the United States died this afternoon in a And that's the way it is," followed by the date. In his book This Just In:

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Unusually, Cronkite was a Novice-class licensee—the entry level license—for his entire, and long, tenure in the hobby. Do some reading instead of bashing. The President, cradled in the arms of his wife Mrs. Was it indeed being homophobic? I combed through it again, revisiting those classic moments in broadcast history that have been replayed over and over: Retrieved June 8, The film documented Silicon Valley's rise from the origin of Stanford University to the current high-technology powerhouse.

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