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He began his public service life as a district leader in Greenwich Village in ; he also served on the New York City Council before running for Congress. What's that, except a god that condemns homosexuality? As part of the political campaigning I did in the Village, I created a community group called the MacDougal Area Neighborhood Association, and it had all the community people on it, and they would come and tell me what was bothering them. He is blamed for his lack of attention to the research and education that was latent under his leadership! Koch briefly ran for Mayor inbut garnered little support and dropped out before the Democratic primary. The Stonewall Inn with its landmark status remains a strong and visible symbol of LGBT rights, and a safe meeting space for protests and celebrations in the City.

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So I can understand Koch; I didn't like him as a mayor, but can understand him.

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Ed Koch and the Corruption of the Gay Closet

However, the mailer was commissioned by the state Democratic Party — which Cuomo controls and funds — and produced by a firm with deep ties to the governor, campaign finance filings show. Christopher Street was the center of the gay neighborhood, which over time expanded to include most of the West Village. Jesse Jackson, a candidate for president inand some felt he angered many black voters. Presumably the LGBT people who suffered during that time between your meeting and when a bill was passed might have cared less about the details of HOW the bill was passed and by whom. Trending Now on NYPost.

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Koch took back his endorsement of Spitzer in the aftermath of the governor's prostitution scandal. Photograph by Nathalie Belkin. On April 8,[56] Koch wrote a piece in The Jerusalem Post excoriating what he saw as increasing anti-Catholicism in the media, largely made evident by coverage of the priest sex abuse scandals. As Koch's anti-Jackson rhetoric intensified, Gore seemed to shy away from Koch. At the time, the Village was comprised of three main groups: Member of the U. However, as a public servant it was his job to ensure the safety of the public, gay and straight.

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