What if my daughter is gay

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Very few 'straight' people feel the need to think through the origins of their sexuality e. Of course, all boundaries need to be in the context of a loving, accepting relationship in which the child is secure and knows that the rules are for their own good. It's important for your child to feel that you are comfortable talking to them about this yourself, and that you are not shocked and therefore sending them off to someone else. Contact Us contact us using our online form. You can help by outlining your own feelings, but also saying that you won't judge them. Manhattan Upper West Side Meeting. You are here Home Relationship help Help with family life and parenting Parenting teenagers Sex and relationships I think my teen might be gay and I don't know how to support them.

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But this is the note I want to end on.

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Ask Ammanda: My husband won't accept our daughter is gay

There are many reasons why homosexuality is not OK for some people. Parents, family members and friends are also welcome to call, and they can signpost to local services too. Thanks to DickGottfried and bradhoylman … https: In this season of life, parents have a particular role in leading their children in a hopefully growing relationship with Christ, and helping them to discover that following him is good and truly fulfilling. HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with other men aged to have doubled in recent years. Yes, it was helpful.

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Depending on the age of the child, some parents may be tempted to deny that their children have same-sex attractions or a same-sex orientation - or tempted to trivialise it, e. Your child may well be nervous about how you will respond, so the most important thing is calmly - see the next section to thank them for telling you and feeling they could trust and be honest with you. But more importantly, speculating with your child sends him or her the not-so-subtle message that you are uncomfortable with their sexuality and don't regard it as 'normal' whereas, as I keep pointing out, nobody's sexuality is 'normal' in a fallen world. If your child is an adult and not living at home, then it is important to recognise that they are already making their own decisions and living their own life. It was so complex that at one point I considered putting my fists up as if I were going fight her, HERmy little girl, my first born, my daughter. They do need reassurance, but make sure you don't 'protest too much' - one of the things they may need to be reassured about is that this doesn't change anything.

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