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Nonetheless, the present finding, along with the OSDZ findings 1327do suggest that OAEs deserve serious consideration as supplementary, noninvasive measures for the study of developmental processes in brain regions other than the auditory pathway itself. Berenbaum S A, Snyder E. Which, if any, of these concomitants is actually a substrate for homosexual behavior—as distinguished from a structure that simply covaries with homosexual behavior and its structural substrates—is yet to be determined. Similarly, the SOAEs from females and right ears are more numerous than those from males and left ears Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Two others were the Kinsey items on sexual fantasies and experiences modeled on ref. With the exception of the heritability study on twins 6all of the current evidence for biological concomitants of homosexuality is for males only.

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The noise level of the subject was monitored continually, and when it exceeded a predetermined noise criterion, the presentation of the next scheduled click was postponed until the noise level had dropped below the criterion value.

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A more stringent hearing screening test might have eliminated some of these subjects before data collection. There were significant differences in CEOAEs for the females but not for the males [contradicting the idea that homosexual males have brains that are globally female-like e. Studies of twins suggest heritability values of about 0. During the data-collection process, a response to a click was discarded if its highest peak amplitude exceeded the median plus 0. This implication is currently under test in females with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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As noted, OAEs can be diminished by exposures to intense sounds 17certain drugs e. The subject lay on a small cot in a darkened, soundproofed room. Clicks were presented at a nominal rate of 10 clicks per second each interclick interval was actually sampled at random from the range 90— ms to avoid periodicity in the stimulus. However, when it is appreciated that different timing or concentration of androgen exposure may be necessary for full masculinization in different brain locations, the possibility is raised that the auditory systems of homosexual males might be fully masculinized even though the brain structures responsible for sexual orientation are not. Immediately evident in the data of Figs.

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